Integrating Event Management


5 Key Value Points of YCS

  1. Wide-ranging Corporate management experience in Finance, Accounting, Procurement, Travel & Meetings 

  2. No financial relationships with Travel, Meeting or Technology providers

  3. External objectivity that balances the diverse needs of each stakeholder group

  4. High-level supplemental resources to manage project and timelines.

  5. Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Strategic Meetings Management Programs

Which Best Describes You?

Finance - Your company is under increasing pressure to reduce costs and risks and you are charged with new ways to do that.

Marketing - Your company delivers outstanding meetings and events, but the changing marketplace and resource constraints are making it difficult to maintain that.

Procurement - Your company has disparate processes for meetings and events that don't support effective leveraging within a common supply base.

Legal -Your company has inconsistent practices used by a diverse mix of professional and non-professional event planners during the negotiations and contracting phase.

Technology - Your company needs enhanced business intelligence for meetings, events and travel expenses and lacks resources to evaluate and implement more robust systems.

How We Can Help You!

Finance - Work with you to streamline your operational and financial framework to reduce costs, risks and labor intensive processes.

Marketing - Elevate high potential resources to oversee meetings and events, while reconfiguring the resources internally & externally for daily operations.

Procurement - Provide Subject Matter Expertise to identify buyers and suppliers across the enterprise; establish strategic sourcing and leveraging guidelines and reduce supply base.

Legal - Establish policies and procedures for legal review of meeting and event contracts and minimize workload through training, education and addendums with standard terms and conditions.

Technology - Assist in the evaluation and selection of a technology provider that will allow the company to automate operations and aggregate spend to effectively capture and manage the data.

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